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Mapping Orchards project in full swing
Mapping Orchards is an ambitious project attempting to learn where the orchards of Central Scotland exist today. As well as contacting orchard & community groups, local authorities and other interested parties, the project has been out on the road for September and October busy attending Apple Day events from Ayrshire to the Lothians.

Why ?
Traditional Orchards are now recognised as an important resource for many reasons; for example heritage, culture, biodiversity and local food. This project will provide a firmer foundation for the regeneration of orchards in Central Scotland.

Who is supporting the project?
The project is supported by Central Scotland Green Network, together with NGOs, and national bodies.

What counts as an orchard?
As a minimum, at least six fruit trees are needed to be considered as an orchard. Orchards are of interest if they are young or old, urban or rural, private or community spaces.

How can you help ?
If you know of an orchard - on a farm, in a private garden, on an allotment - then visit the project website and do an Orchard Form. Its quick and easy, and there is no need to give personal data - its just the trees we're interested in!

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