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Old Orchards The Essential Issues - 670 kb
The Orchard Revival: A Report on the Cheshire Conference (2002)
Eating our Landscape - the Urban Orchard
In late 2007 Natural England produced a series of Technical Information Notes on tradtional orchards. By their very name they are very England-orientated, especially the case studies cited and the species of wildlife highlighted. The Information Notes, will, however, be of value to anyone with a general interest in British orchards. The advice on site and tree selection, planting and establishing fruit trees, pruning and fruit tree health is still very valid and there is a wealth of information to be gleaned from the many pages of advice.

At all times, though, please remember that the advice being proferred is for orchards in the south (i.e. from Cornwall and Kent to Cumbria and Northumberland).

The Central Core Network is currently working on a booklet: "Scotland's Traditional Orchards - a Guide to Management and Wildlife" which will fill some of the advice gaps north of the border. There will also be a series of Orchard Advice Notes which will have a Scottish focus.
Natural England Technical Information Notes
TIN012 - Traditional orchards: a summary
TIN013 - Traditional orchards: site and tree selection
TIN014 - Traditional orchards: planting and establishing fruit trees
TIN015 - Traditional orchards: an introduction to pruning
TIN016 - Traditional orchards: formative pruning of young trees
TIN017 - Traditional orchards: maintenance pruning
TIN018 - Traditional orchards: restoration and management of mature and neglected orchards
TIN019 - Traditional orchards: fruit tree health
TIN020 - Traditional orchards: orchards and wildlife
TIN021 - Traditional orchards: glossary
TIN032 - Bullfinches: preventing damage to fruit
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